Reduced Cost of Ownership

Top-Down Clamp

The Top-Down Clamp simplifies installation by clamping the arm from above the desk, eliminating the need to go under the desk, saving time and potential need for a second installer. Featuring patented ¼” thick brackets that slip between the panel and surface, the mount allows for swift installation using two bolts at the top of the base. The integrated Allen tool ensures secure and efficient unit attachment. This is one of four mounts Zgonic offers to support your monitor in various workstation environments.

Modular Components

Zgonic Arms are designed with scalability in mind, featuring modular components. For instance, the VESA Plate and crossbar attach tool-lessly to the arm, enabling easy conversion from a single arm to a dual monitor solution without tools. The Notebook Holder also snaps into the arm without the need for tools, simplifying installations. The ZDock, Integrated docking station seamlessly slides over the existing base without requiring changes to the original setup or tools. All upgrades or modifications to the Zgo product line can be performed without affecting the original configuration and, in most cases, without tools.

Intuitive Cable Management

We designed our cable managers to more quickly and easily insert cables into the manager, which has a huge impact on installation time.

Computer installers constantly tell us that easier routing and managing cables is the most significant way to reduce installation costs.

Unlike most monitor arms, Zgo manages cables through the entire arm to neatly hide and route all cables, which eliminates unsightly cable clutter.

And you can see, we created this enhanced function while complementing the design aesthetic of the arm; the cornerstone of our product design criteria.

Integrated Tools

The entire line of monitor arms is designed for cost-effectiveness and convenience. Allen keys are discreetly placed behind the easily removable magnetic side panel, allowing for straightforward Day 2 installations by the users themselves.