Optimal Performance

Improved Working Posture

Optimize workstation efficiency and enhance your user experience with a Zgonic Monitor Arm, lifting the monitor off the surface to reclaim the space in front of you. This immediate improvement in performance allows you to sit back with proper posture in your task chair, facilitating easy access to the workspace for writing and referencing documents while typing. Whether sitting or standing, Zgonic Monitor Arms play a crucial role in dictating body position and ensuring proper alignment for improved comfort and performance.

More Intuitive Adjustment

For optimal comfort in viewing, a user-friendly monitor arm is essential. However, mere adjustability doesn’t guarantee usage. Many monitor arms, even the easiest to move, go unused because of the effort required to make adjustments manually. Zgonic offers a complete workstation solution where employees can effortlessly personalize their desks using a handle to intuitively move the arm for height and depth adjustments. The unique design allows users to adjust in a microsecond without conscious thought, making it a one-hand, natural, and intuitive motion for true convenience.

Personalization in Shared Desking

In today’s agile work environment, it is likely that a taller or shorter or near or far-sighted person just left the monitor in an awkward position for us. An effective workstation MUST accommodate the physically diverse population that will use the workstation and make it easy for the workstation to be personalized to their needs.

Three-Dimensional Adjustability

Positioning the monitor where users are more comfortable and where the head, neck and back are in proper alignment while computing is critical to the long-term health and well-being of employees today. Zgo’s three-dimensional adjustability, including 12” of height adjustment and up to 27” of depth adjustment (reach), allows employees to position their monitors where they are most comfortable regardless of their height, eyesight or personal preference.