About Us

Optimal Performance, Infinite Design

Zgonic, established in Australia in 2011, is a global leader in Workspace Technology, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of technology in workplaces worldwide. Headquartered in Melbourne, with global facilities, Zgonic focuses on making today’s technology more efficient and comfortable, improving overall workstation performance. Our tagline, “Optimal Performance, Infinite Design,” reflects our commitment to blending cutting-edge workstation performance with innovative design elements. This combination enhances functionality and aesthetics in various work environments, from corporate workstations to home offices.

Delivering Award-Winning Products

On the performance side, our monitor arms stands apart from our unique Integrated USB Docking Station Zdock. The Zdock can be retrofitted onto any Zgonic monitor arms and has a streamline cable management by routing all monitor cables through the arm. and into the rear of the dock. This eliminates desktop cables, maximizes workspace, and ensures a tidy office.

Zgonic Monitor Arms offer intuitive movement, easy adjustment, and support for up to 38” monitors. On the design front, our patented customizable side panels open up creative possibilities, allowing logos, designs, colors, and words.

These award-winning products optimize the computing experience, enhancing user comfort, desk performance, and overall office aesthetics through effective technology use.

Why Choose Us

State-of-the-art Workspace Technology

 Zgonic award-winning products help to optimize the computing experience by enhancing user comfort, increasing desk performance and improving overall office aesthetics while using today’s technology in the most effective way.

Optimal Performance

Improve your employees' efficiency & productivity.

Infinite Design Capabilities

Customize our design to match your requirements.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Modular components & scalability.

Better Working Experience

Vastly improve your overall working experience.